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Just a short story....

When i first got my licence (for driving) i didn't have my own car, like some people(stephan). But one day my parents let me use their's under the condition that i was just going to rancho. You must understand that this is my first time driving alone, and it's pouring rain. So of course i drive over to justin's to hang out. But we have a car, we can go anywhere, so we decide to go to hillcrest. Having no-idea how to get anywhere i blindly take off with justin only kind-of knowing the way. Down the 8 we almost get into 3 accidents. We evenutuly end up in resident evil land. Only tall buildings with no cars and no people. the only place we found people was at a carl's jr, that suspuchisly was decorated like the rancho one. So now we need to get back from the middle of nowhere, we think the 8 will get us home. on the way justin wants to stop at parkway. so we get off the freeway and almost hit a truck full of mexicans. we can't find parkway, but we do eventuly make it home.

I hope that wasn't too borning, we were just recolecting last night.
beep, beep, beep, beep, yeah
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