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Everybodys laughing, everyone is happy

hello all, i feel funny writing in this thing. it's been a while but i feel like saying a few things.

i havn't had a ciggartte today so i've been feeling pretty shitty. so bear with me.

for one, i don't have my car cuz it's in the shop. and if i want it fixed it's going to take up to three weeks. well i'm fed up and i'm just gonna keep the fucked up car and the insurence money. i'll get a fat sack. so tommarow i'm going to lakeside to pick up my car, and there was no reason for it to be there. everything just gets fucked up.

oh, and yesterday i went to a party and saw guess who? nope, andrew sawyer. it just seamed uncomfortabul for like the first four times i ran into him, but then i figured that i don't realy give a fuck about him and i'd rather enjoy myself with my friends, and i did. i had a good night. we partyed and realized that the reason the party was good was cuz we have good friends, then justin went into another drunken rant, but it was fun. and erik got fucked up, he slept on the floor, then got up and helped nicole clean up, but not realy. it was like lunch at steele canyon. all these kids i'd seen before buty i don't know, cuz ther're little kids, you know?

i was talking to lance the other day and he asked me what i'd been up too, and i felt like such scum. here he is going to berkley doing shit with his life, and i'm doing nothing. i don't know, i'm a bum.

i wish i was doing something, like joy. you're going to be my role model. i don't know, or maybe i'm a pice of shit.

well last but not least, james, me you and justin are drinking in the forest this week and we're going to listen to good music and we're going to drink good beer, and get some bomb fucking weed.

everyone i don't see anymore i miss, and that means you, so if you havn't seen me in a long time, i wish you were back.

some chick asked for my phone number, i felt good at first cuz i'm grotesque, but she was a fat chick. the only girl who ever liked me was amber demars. remember her?
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