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You shout, but no-one seams to hear

I wanted to tell you all aboutmy exsiting day, but james beat me to it. But fuck you, here's another prespective.

I was home for a good portion of the day, but then Camaron called and said that he'd buy me a pack of ciggarttes if i picked him up. But i told him to just put that money on gas because I'm bleow E. He agrees and I drive all the way to his house, where he is no where to be found. It turns out that he hitched a ride with someone else, but by the time he called me I was already going to get him. And I need gas because I need to pick up my Pizza Hut uniform for a meeting on Tuesday.

So I drive down to Rancho to hopefuly spange up enough to get to El Cajon. Down there i run into James, Stephan, Steve, and Heather playing chess. So i sit my sorry ass on the spange bench and go back two years. I remember that spanging was a bitch, but people would give you something. I got a fucking dime! after a while I just gave up and sat down with James and Stephan, who it turns out were heading down to the beach. There was room for one more so I slid right in.

On the way down there James got low blood sugar and then an acid flashback. But he seamed to handle it with at least some grace, untill he started rolling around in the grass. Down at O.B. we met up with kimmie T. and some super hot boy i think was named kenny. It was funny because he acted alot like dave, and I was going to kill Kimmie over dave, but that's the past. We sat in the grass and talked about growing brerds and such nonsence. Then everyone got hungry and decided to go to P.B. for some sushi.

Their sushi place was closed so we found another one down garrnet. We also found Farmer at music trader. Me and that boy looked at Rolling Stone records while everyone else had a good conversation outside. At the sushi place I had no money so I just sat and watched the baseball game. I found myself being like, "Homerun" and, "good hit" but all the girls where like, baseballs dumb. But that dude unterstood, he hates the dreaded cardnels too. James was kind enough to give me his left overs(witch filled my up, thank you James). But all they had were chop-sticks. So cute boy moved my fingers into postion, but I still struggled to get anything. Then we left, and when i said good-bye to him i exstened my hand, and he's like, "you want a hug" and gave me a hug, so i was down.

Then back to rancho where I was only there for like 30 minitues and then headed home. I hope if you've read this whole thing you noticed that i'm using capital letters for a change.

I wish you all a good night and a great tommarow.
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