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I'll hold the candel, till it burns up my arm

Well, i saw pearl jam and sonic youth last night. it was such a great show. Eddie came on stage first(before sonic youth)and played an accoustic of "Soon Forget." and then sonic youth played. But then...Pearl jam came on stage and the whole crowed stood for the rest of the show. i love that band.

some dumb bitch though, sat down in my seet, and then proced to not do anything but mope and complain to her boyfriend. i should have pushed her down the stairs, not dancing at pearl jam.

today i drove to P.B. but there was no parking. we drove around soo long, untill we decided to give up and we traveled downtown. then we ended up in rancho for a while hopeing a party or something would come up. other than james playing hacky-sack for two hours, not much else happened.

i'm off for some tea and crumpets, good night.
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